Miller M25 - M40 5/8
Miller M25 - M40 5/8" Nozzle 1/8" Stickout 169-727 $13.82
169726 MIG Nozzle 5/8" 1/8" Stick Out Miller M-25/40 Premium gas nozzles (2-pk and 5-pk) for MIG welding gun in Miller Millermatic/MIGmatic and Hobart welders. Gas nozzle 169715 (1/2" orifice, flush tip) for use with MIG welding gun M-10/M-15 (M-100/M-150) in Millermatic 135, 140, 175, 180, 210, 211, Passport and Passport Plus. Also replacement for gas nozzle 770-404 for some Hobart MIG welding guns such as H-9/H-10. Gas nozzle 16972X and 200258 for use with MIG welding gun 150A - 400A M-25/M-40 series in Millermatic welders. 1/2" and 5/8" orifice; tip-nozzle relationship recessed/flush/stick-out as per illustrated nozzle length for various part numbers.

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