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#10 Pipe Flange Aligner Jackson Safety SureWerx
#10 Pipe Flange Aligner Jackson Safety SureWerx $125.65
The Jackson Safety Pipe Flange Aligner (#10) is a self-determining flange aligning tool that allows quick and accurate measuring. The aligner inserts easily into the pipe, centers snugly against the pipe"™s inside diameter, and automatically aligns with the pipe access. It"™s a manual tool that takes the guess work out of pipe construction. Made of durable and lightweight aluminum Features slotted pins with "friction fitting" knurled nuts for flanges to 30" - 150 lbs All models of the flange aligning tools will two-hole (make 2 holes of the flange horizontally level with the ground and vertically level the face of the flange in one step.) Adjustable for pipes and flanges from 3 to 12 inches in diameter

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