4391 5/8" Bernard® Brass Nozzle


4391 5/8" Bernard® Brass Nozzle

Product description
  • Premium gas nozzle for Bernard 200-600A Q/S series MIG welding guns using elliptical consumables.
  • Gas nozzles (copper and copper) for Bernard elliptical MIG gun consumables to allow contact tip to work adjustable and longer distance, as well as fast and easy changeover.
  • Nozzle 4295, 4391, 4392 and 4394 work with contact tip 7400/4200/1500 series and gas diffuser 4235/4335. Nozzle 4491, 4492, 4591 and 4592 work with contact tip 7400/1500 series and gas diffuser 4435/4635. See listed part-breakdown chart for nozzle orifice, material and gas diffuser/contact tip compatibility.

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