5356 Mig Aluminum Wire 3/64" X 16 Pound Spool


5356 Mig Aluminum Wire 3/64" X 16 Pound Spool

Product description
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    • 5356 aluminum MIG welding alloy is an all-position, non-heat treatable MIG wire used to weld the 5XXX series alloys when 40,000 psi tensile strength is not a requirement. Alloy 5356 is a very good all-purpose wire. It is the most widely used of all aluminum filler metals. Common applications are welding of boats/ships, bicycles, trucks, pressure vessels and automotive parts.


    • 5356 aluminum/silicon GMAW (MIG) welding alloy
    • Designed for welding heat treatable base alloys, specifically 6XXX series alloys
    • Lower melting point and more fluidity than 5XXX series filler alloys
    • Low sensitivity to weld cracking with 6XXX series base alloys
    • Suitable for sustained elevated temperature service, i.e. above 150°F (65°C)
    • All position, except vertical down welding
    • Gray (post anodized) color


    • Liquidus 1175°F (635°C) (as welded 5086 base plate)
    • Solidus 1060°F (571°C) (as welded 5086 base plate)
    • Tensile Strength 39,000 psi (as welded 5086 base plate)
    • Yield Strength 19,000 psi (as welded 5086 base plate)
    • Density 0.096 lbs./cu.in. (as welded 5086 base plate)
    • Elongation in 2" 17% (as welded 5086 base plate)


    • Automotive bumpers and supports
    • Structural frames in the shipbuilding industry
    • Formed truck panels
    • Railing Industry
    • Power Industry
    • Trailer Manufacturing


    • All parameters are suggested as basic guidelines and will vary depending on joint design, number of passes and other factors.

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