CK AMT2S-5-2-TD8 Amptrak Handle 5k Ohm 26' for Thermal 8 pin Machines


CK AMT2S-5-2-TD8 Amptrak Handle 5k Ohm 26' for Thermal 8 pin Machines

Product description

The Amptrak remote current control provides remote on-off control of the welding machine contactor and/or gas and water solenoid control, as well as full range remote current output control. A built in strain relief prevents the control cord from being pulled out or damaged. The Amptrak remote current control can be ordered built into a CK torch handle as original equipment or in the Velcro model where one size fits all. . Linear slide actuator for complete on/off and full amperage control. Built in handle or Velcro strap design to fit all TIG torches. Adapts to most standard TIG power supplies. Protected against high frequency. Package of 1

Amperage Control Length:  26 ft.

Attachment Type (refer below):  Small


Small:  CK9, CK17, CK20, CK24, CK24W, CK80, CK90, CK100, CK130, CK150, CKC150*, CK200,CKT200, FLEX-LOC* (*Only Velcro will fit Valved CKC150s and Flex-Locs)

Medium:  CK230, CKA10, CKA20, TL18, TL26, TL210, TL305

Large:  CK18, CK26, CK210, CK300, CK350, CK515

Velcro Models:  One Size fits all handle diameters and retrofits easily to all makes and models.

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