ER70S-6 Mig Filler Wire 44# Spool .035"x 44# Inweld Masterweld


ER70S-6 Mig Filler Wire 44# Spool .035"x 44# Inweld Masterweld

Product description

Description and Applications: ER70S-6 contains higher levels of manganese and silicon than the other standard grades of MIG wire. This wire features excellent tolerance of rust and scale, produces the highest deposit strength of all the carbon steel MIG wires. ER70S-6 is used for butt and fillet welding of sheet and plate of a variety of thickness. Applications include general carbon steel fabrication.

Calculating Filler Metal Consumption
The number of pounds of welding electrodes or welding wire necessary to complete a given weld joint maybe calculated by the formula:
Where:P = Pounds of electrode or wire required
W = Weight per foot of weld metal
L= Length of weld (feet)
E = Deposition efficiency
Weight Per Foot of Weld Metal Calculating the weight of weld metal requires that we consider the following items.
1. Area of the cross-section of the weld.
2. Length of the weld.
3. Volume of the weld in cubic inches.
4. Weight of the weld metal per cubic inch.

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