Round Soapstone 5" Welders Layout Chalk 144/Box

$27.36 $39.74 -32% OFF

Round Soapstone 5" Welders Layout Chalk 144/Box

$27.36 $39.74 -32% OFF
Product description

Best Welds Round Soapstone For Welders & Ironworkers Layout & Fabrication

Product Details:
All white texture for excellent marking quality
Grain cut to ensure good strength and long service life
Marks will not contaminate welds and are easily removed
Low water content for increased hardness and resistance to breakage

Temporary mark metals and other materials when doing layout or fabrication, Round Soapstone is easy to sharpen, Welders layout chalk will not contaminate or damage metal surfaces. Choose a round soapstone holder to protect your soapstone whenever in your pocket or jacket. Bulk pack welders chalk is used by pipe liners, fabricators, shop personnel and others when ever a temporary layout mark is required. Choose Round Soap Stone at Weld Shop Supply today. 

Pair the Round Soapstone With a new holder.

Wypo 800-1 Rd Holder

Anchor Round Soapstone Holder

Round Soapstone 5" Welders Layout Chalk 144/Box

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