Jackson 14731 300A Ground Clamp GC-3

$35.10 $39.51 -12% OFF

Jackson 14731 300A Ground Clamp GC-3

$35.10 $39.51 -12% OFF
Product description

Jackson 14731 300A Ground Clamp GC-3 for Stick Welding, Mig Welding & Tig Welding Applications Solid Copper tong ensures the best ground possible. 

Made of forged copper alloy for higher conductivity, the Jackson Safety brand ground clamps feature large contact areas, high-clamping pressure, and long-levered handles for easy jaw opening. The clamps have fully insulated pivots and springs, while the cable jacket is held securely inside the conductor body with a cable bar for improved holding ability and longer cable life. These accessories are a must-have for any serious welding project.

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