BadAss Remote Miller Electric Replacement 14 Pin Welder Remote Control BadAss Remote Miller Electric Replacement 14 Pin Welder Remote Control
BadAss Remote Miller Electric Replacement 14 Pin Welder Remote Control $1,182.00
Badass Remote Miller Electric Replacement Remote 14 Pin Welder Remote Control Miller 14 pin remote, PRHC-14 style replacement remote for all solid-state power sources after serial number JK674521. Complete current or voltage control brings 120 volts power to work area in a single cord. Housed in a durable light aluminum case and includes 125 cable with quick disconnector. Badass Remote is constructed of Solid 6061 Aluminum Billet housing, with a comfort grip bar style knob, Heavy duty magnets hold the remote to the pipe or other ferrous work materials. The Badass Remote is intended to survive the cross country pipeline environment, but can be used in plants or general fabrication all the same. With the quick connect design the box is protected not only from the elements at the end of the day but from possible theft. This remote was built with the pipeliner in mind, we know the demanding application of the pipeline field from experience, This remote can be field repaired in minutes all that is required is a set of allen wrenches and a number 1 Philips screwdriver. This allows less downtime, we know the inevitable will happen in the field everything breaks, with our quick connector and our potentiometer we are convinced this will be the last remote you have to buy. We dont use that cheap supposed military grade connector, We use a connector built for the application, not one with a maximum connection rating.  The fine current control is easily achieved by setting the main dial on the welding machine at the max amperage, On Miller Electric welding machines the low amperage point is nominally 20 amps, The Miller Electric Replacement Remote allows the operator to then dial in amperage based upon a percentage range of max amperage. If the Main Dial of the welding machine is set at 120 amps, then subtract 20 from that number every 10 on the remote will change the current 10 amps. Features. Billet Aluminum Construction Lightweight Aluminum Heavy Duty Quick connector 120 volt outlet Easily field repairable 125' wiring 10 amp capacity Isolated Ground Outlet Bar style knob with comfort grip Heavy Duty Label  Cord Cover when remote is not in use Extreme duty magnets Color Coded wiring Sealed componentry to ensure maximum lifespan No Batteries to go dead No Software To update No Screens to worry about getting spatter on No usb connections to worry about Easy to change potentiometers  

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