Mathey Dearman D2235 10" - 36" Universal Chain Clamp (1 each)


Mathey Dearman D2235 10" - 36" Universal Chain Clamp (1 each)

Product description

Mathey Dearman D2235 10" - 36" Universal Chain Clamp (1 each)



The Mathey Dearman Universal Chain Clamp's design gives the welder the ability to accurately fit-up, weld and grind the pipe without removal of the clamp. The level and support device of the chain clamp allows the pipe, elbow, tee, flange and other fittings to be held safely and securely in place during the alignment and welding process.

Replace the chain of the Universal Chain Clamp with stainless steel chain for stainless steel or specialty alloy applications. Available in carbon steel and stainless steel models to fit pipe from 1" to 36" (25mm to 914mm).



Number Of Jackbars:
Pipe Range:
10" - 36"
Material Type:
Carbon Steel
Reforms Pipe To Schedule:
Aligns Pipe To Schedule:

* Calculations are based on pipe with a tensile strength of 45,000 lbs per square inch (3168 kg per square centimeter).*

Universal Chain Clamp Includes:



  • Length of chain required for the pipe diameter specified



  • Universal jackbars listed for the pipe range



  • Main block



  • Fine adjustment



  • Level and support device



  • Jackscrew wrench



  • Storage box



  • Parts and operating manual







  • Carbon or stainless steel spacing screws (optional)



  • Add-on jackbar







  • The level and support device assists the welder in holding and accurately positioning pipe or fittings for welding.



  • Available in steel and stainless steel models for pipe 1" to 36" (25mm to 914mm) in diameter.







  • VERSATILE—Jackbars will pivot on uneven surfaces. One Chain Clamp covers range of eight (8) cage clamps.



  • PRECISE—Jackbars, spaced around the pipe, provide support and concise alignment of the pipe internal or external diameter within 1/64 of an inch.



  • SAFE—Jackbars can be moved backward and forward in the jackbar holder as needed for extra support of elbows, tees and other fittings.







Mathey Dearman Chain Clamps can be reconfigured for stainless steel and other specialty alloy applications. Simply replace the carbon steel roller chain with aligning stainless steel pipe. All other components of Chain Clamps are made of stainless steel.

  • Complete welding of the pipe and fittings can be accomplished without removal of the clamp.



  • Add on jack-bar can be added if pressure needs to be applied between the clamp jackbars.



  • Jackscrew pads pivot independently to handle uneven surfaces.



  • Spacing screws can be added for precise weld gap adjustment.







The clamp should never be used as the sole support for the pipe, nor should it ever be used to lift the pipe.



Do not exceed pipe size range listed without first contacting the Mathey Dearman sales department.



Do not use any type of chain other than those listed below without first contacting Mathey Dearman sales department.




Use of chain not supplied with clamp by Mathey Dearman will void the warranty of the clamp.



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