Badassreels 8 Slot Remote Reel for Lincoln Electric & Miller Welders Badassreels 8 Slot Remote Reel for Lincoln Electric & Miller Welders
Badassreels 8 Slot Remote Reel for Lincoln Electric & Miller Welders from $1,125.00
Badassreels 8 Slot Remote Reel for Lincoln Electric and Miller Electric Welding Machines, Includes Remote and wiring. Includes remote and wiring. Badassreels 8 Slot Remote Reel. Complete remote reel ready to mount 125' cable 20 amp SOOW cord Fully assembled and tested ready to install Sealed Slip ring design, no brushes to wear out Completely soldered wiring, no wire nuts or crimped connections Positive locking mechanism Industry proven remote quick connect setup, easy to replace if ever damaged Quick connector prevents remote theft and to keep remote out of the elements when not in use Remote includes 5 heavy duty magnets to hold remote in place when welding IP69 Potentiometer sealed from elements to ensure maximum life span 20 amp Isolated ground outlets in remote Wired to NFPA 2020 Meets or exceeds OSHA 1910.304 For the Very Best Choose American Made Badassreels, With dedication and pride Badassreels provides a fully machined design, the toughest remote box in the industry and a unbeatable remote connector that is easily field replaceably.  Badassreels Remote Reels are built to order and may incur a lead time. Badassreels builds the reel to your specifications of your machine and pigtail length to ensure the highest standards of appeal and fitment when you install your reel.  When choosing your Remote Reel, Select Pigtail Length, the length from the reel to the machine, then select your welding machine. We recommend the Lincoln Single Dial Remote for all Lincoln Vantage, Lincoln Ranger, and Lincoln Classic 300MP welding machines. The Dual Dial Remote works with the Lincoln SAE 300MP and the Cross Country. The dual dial will give the Cross country ranges by bringing the bottom end up, the top end is set with the main dial on the welding machine, the lower knob on the remote will then be fine current control. The Dual Dial remote on the SAE300MP will create a arc characteristic change of a wet puddle or a dry puddle by adjusting the top knob, the bottom knob will control the current.  The Miller Remote will work with any machine with a Miller 14 Pin connector.  The 4 wire remote reel does not include a rheostat remote. If your looking for a remote reel for your SA200 choose the Extension Cord Reels for a direct plug in remote reel.  

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